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Late Fees

Balance due amounts not paid by payment deadlines may result in late fees:

Late Fee Type



 Late Payment Fee  $50.00

 Penalty for not paying registration fees and/or other billed charges by deadline.

 Late fees are assessed once per term.

 Deferred Payment Plan (DPP)

 Missed Payment Penalty


 Penalty for missed DPP installment.

 Missed DPP penalties are assessed per payment plan.

Late Fee Appeals

Students that were assessed a late fee due to missing the payment deadline because of extenuating circumstances may submit a request to Student Billing Services to reverse the late fee. These requests must be sent via email to Please include the following in the subject line of the e-mail request: “Student ID – Late Fee Appeal.” The body of the e-mail should include your reason for the request.


Active Students

Active students who have a past due balance may have been assessed a late fee as well as a financial hold placed on their student account. This financial hold will prevent registration for future terms as well as changes to your current enrollment. To resolve this matter, past due balances must be paid.

Student Billing Services may initiate collection efforts on students with past due balances. These efforts are done by way of phone calls and e-mail notifications.

Inactive Students

Student Billing Services will commence collection efforts on inactive students with continuously past due student accounts. Collection efforts are done by way of potential phone calls and hard copy notices that are sent to the address on file. Students will receive three notices before their account is reviewed and potentially referred to a commercial collection agency. If the student account is referred, the student’s credit profile will be adversely affected.

During the time a student receives a hard copy notice, the student can resolve their past due balance by either paying the balance in full or by setting up a payment plan with Student Billing Services. The student will need to call our office at (209) 228-4114 to discuss the available payment plan options. Please note that our payment plans are interest-free and will prevent the student account from being referred to a commercial collection agency as long as the student is current with the terms of their payment agreement.