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Payment Methods

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Policy on Overpayments

UC Merced does not accept overpayments on student accounts. Please send/transfer only the amount due on the student account. If an overpayment is made, we reserve the right to hold the overpayment and apply it to a future term.


With eCheck, the payment is electronically withdrawn from the payer's checking or savings account to the university. This method is known as New Bank Account when making a payment through MyBill using a bank account located in the United States. There is no fee for this service.

Please enter your banking information as shown in the example below.

  • Routing number will always come first and is exactly 9 digits.

  • Account number will vary in length. This may appear before or after the check number. Please include any leading zeros, but omit spaces and non-numeric characters.

  • Check number is not needed – please do not include the check number.

It is important to enter your banking account information accurately or your payment cannot be successfully completed.

Please DO NOT enter your debit card number for eCheck transactions.

If you do not have personal checks or know your bank account information, please contact your financial institution for assistance.

Please note eCheck payments cannot be made over the phone.

Returned Checks

If a check is not honored by the bank and is returned to the university for non-sufficient funds, the consequences are as follows:

  • A service charge of $20 for a returned check is assessed regardless of the amount of the check or the reason it was returned.

  • Returned checks and service fees will be billed to the student's account.

  • Checks written to pay registration fees that are returned after the published fee payment deadline may incur a late payment fee.

  • Campus-wide check writing privileges will be suspended for one year after two (2) non-sufficient funds checks are returned.

    • If suspended, payments will need to be made in certified funds such as cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

    • Or the option of using a credit/debit card. There is a 2.85% processing fee.

Checks returned because of a bank error require a letter from the bank on letterhead. The letter must include the student identification information and submit to Cashiering Services.

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit and debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) are accepted online and can be made online through MyBill. However, a non-refundable 2.85% processing fee is charged when paying with a credit or debit card.

Please note credit/debit card payments cannot be made over the phone.


Students/parents can pay by cash, check, cashier's check, or money order in person at Cashiering Services. They are located in the Administration Building, Room 140, next to the Students First Center.

Their hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM on Friday. They are closed from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM for lunch.   

Mail-In Payments

Payments can be made with a check, cashier’s check, or money order. Payment should be made payable to “UC Regents" and must include the student's name and student ID number.

Mail payments to:

University of California, Merced
Cashiering Services
P.O. Box 2450
Merced, CA 95344

529 Education Accounts

A 529 savings plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future educationtion costs. How plans are structured and how you access funds from these plans varies by state, plan administrator, and the plan itself.

To initiate a transfer from a 529 savings plan to the University, students and/or parents should contact their 529 savings plan administrator directly and follow their process to request a withdrawal. Withdrawals must be requested early to allow the plan administrator sufficient time to process the payment and have it mailed to the University so plan accordingly for fee payment deadlines. Payments should be made payable to “UC Regents" and must include the student's name and student ID number.

Mail payments to:

University of California, Merced
Cashiering Services
P.O. Box 2450
Merced, CA 95344

When a check has been issued from the 529 savings plan to the University, please provide Student BIlling Services with a confirmation of payment. This confirmation must include payee information and the amount of payment. Once our office receives it, we will make a note on the student account of the pending payment. Confirmation can be emailed to

If you wish to use the 529 savings plan option in My Bill, your 529 savings plan must be participating in this service. A non-refundable flat fee of $10 applies to one-time payments. To view all available plans, click the drop-down option under 529 savings plan name. If your 529 savings plan is not listed, it cannot be added. In this case, you must contact the plan administrator to request a withdrawal.

Please note that any payment resulting in a credit balance on a student account will be refunded to the student ONLY and not to the 529 savings plan.

International and Domestic Wire Payments

University of California, Merced is pleased to partner with Convera for the acceptance of international wire payments.

Benefits include:

  • You can pay in your home currency or in the currency of your choice directly from your mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

  • Pay online using local payment options or by bank transfer.

  • Exchange rate is competitive when compared to most banks' retail rates.

  • There are NO transaction charges from the University of California, Merced for foreign currency exchange.

  • Your payment will include reference information to ensure that it reaches your student account quickly.

  • Track your payment every step of the way with status updates by text or email.

How to make a payment?

  1. Login to

  2. Choose Bank Wires for domestic or international payments.

  3. Select where you’re paying from and who is paying.

  4. Obtain payment instructions.

  5. Complete your student payment online or in person.

If you have a payment in progress and have questions or need help with a payment initiated by foreign currency, please contact the Convera customer support team at + 1 (877) 218-8829 or +1(402) 884-3041 or go to the Convera website. Check out our FAQs.

The following information sheets are provided by Convera to provide students and parents with additional information about their services: 

Arabic Info Sheet UC Merced

English Info Sheet UC Merced

French Info Sheet UC Merced

Indonesian Info Sheet UC Merced

Japanese Info Sheet UC Merced

Korean Info Sheet UC Merced

Spanish Info Sheet UC Merced

Simplified Chinese Info Sheet UC Merced

Traditional Chinese Info Sheet UC Merced

Vietnamese Info Sheet UC Merced