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Important: Statement of Financial Responsibility must be completed before course registration.

Welcome to Student Billing & Cashiering Services

The Student Billing and Cashiering Services team is here to serve the UC Merced community, including students, staff, faculty, departments and external stakeholders, in an efficient and professional manner. Services are provided in accordance with the university's policies while maintaining and ensuring fiscal integrity.

Student Billing Services is responsible for the accurate assessment and billing of tuition and fees, food and housing, and other term-related charges, along with the receipt of student payments and collection of past-due accounts. We also are responsible for processing student/parent refunds and facilitating the timely collection and reporting of student, department and third-party sponsor income.

Cashiering Services is responsible for collecting monies due to the university. We provide cashiering services to our students/parents and ensure payments are received and applied accurately to student accounts in a timely manner. We also provide services to other stakeholders, which includes receipting of deposits and recording of university monies.